FT Contest - My Story Idea?


I will be entering the Fairytale contest and I wanted to know if the outline of my idea fits the guidelines for the contest. :blush:

My idea:

I was thinking of doing ‘The Snow Queen’ retelling but instead having it before she became evil or known as ‘The Snow Queen’ maybe.

-There are two kingdoms separated by a border. The Ravenek side is evil, whereas the Arcadian side is good.

  • A young princess, Evelina (The Snow Queen) is sent to the human realm for protection after the evil Ravenek Queen takes over the Kingdom of Arcadia.

  • Later in the story she must fight to win her kingdom back.

There will be love interests in the story too. :smiley:


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I feel like that a wonderful idea! Since your story is based on The Snow Queen i feel like it’s within the guidelines already.

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Thank you! I wasn’t sure if it was ok to use or not. :smile:

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