FT Contest Story Announcement! Drop your entries below!


^beautiful cover drawn by @Lumnara

Written with @storiesbylydia

Title: FT: Magnolia’s Destiny (based on The Ballad of Hua Mulan)

Genre: Fantasy

Description: Five nations at war, a girl who takes her father’s place in the army, and a misunderstood prince of the enemy. As the war rages on, they’ll soon realize nothing is as it seems.

:dagger:1 love interest
:dagger:Choices matter, mini-games

Release Date: January 14th, 2021

Hi! I’m so excited to announce that I will be participating in the Fairy Tales contest with Lydia! Yes, this story is based on and adapted from the Ballad of Hua Mulan, a folk song written around 400 AD. We’ve had so much fun planning and writing this story, and hope you will enjoy reading it!

P.S. It’s also slightly inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender :eyes:

Please drop your thoughts and/or questions below!
And drop your FT stories below if you’re entering!!


Drop your FT contest entry below and Instagram (if you have one) and I’ll make a list. :star_struck:
Feel free to include as many details of your story as you want! You can leave your Instagram as well! :))

Here is my entry with @storiesbylydia: FT: Magnolia’s Destiny

  1. FT: Onset of Winter by @Aykay
  2. FT: Seven Wishes by @thategyptianwriter
  3. FT: The Golden Touch by @granolias
  4. FT: Wild Garden by @DancingStories
  5. FT: The Devil’s Triangle by @agatya
  6. FT: Jadeite by @LeonardoDaBetty
  7. FT: Not Your Perfect princess by @episode.lillz
  8. FT: Book of Warriors by @Peachy.Episodes
  9. FT: The Wolf’s Path by @Hope404
  10. FT: Cinder and Crimson by @Celestial_Night
  11. FT: Not so Prince Charming by @Meghan2
  12. FT: Sleeping Vengeance by @writeslondon
  13. FT: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf by @Kaysia.writes
  15. FT: A Plea to The Moon by @IvyM92
  16. FT: Sanctum by @Naoba
  17. FT: Pull Me Under by @SiennaWrites
  18. FT: Once Handsome but Wicked by @ciaraxoxoc
  19. FT: The Lake by @J.Miley
  20. FT: Future bandits by @Charlotte2

Mine is called FT: Onset of Winter


Thanks for making a list! :yellow_heart:
My entry’s title is FT: Seven Wishes
Description: An archaeologist discovers an ancient artefact which could not only advance her career, but offers her wishes to enhance her love life. Ready for a tale worth 1000 and 1 nights? :crescent_moon:

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My entry is called FT: The Golden Touch. :yellow_heart:

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FT: Wild Garden! :herb:

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Hi! Is this story for the FT contest?

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Nopee…sorry…wrong thread :sweat:

Hahaha no worries, I’ll read your story if I have time. :))

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Thank youuu! :blush:
I’ll read ur story too…I love Ft stories :sweat_smile::blush:

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Hopefully you’ll like our adaptation on Mulan!

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Thank you for this thread, I was already telling Lydia how excited I am for your story @stefaniestories :heart_eyes:

Mine is called **FT: The Devil’s Triangle ** :smiling_imp:

Rumpelstiltskin, Dame Gothel and Twardowski walk into the bar. What sounds like a beginning of a great joke, is a start of a deadly game. Can you win?

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My entry:

Title: FT: Jadeite
Desc: Stealing from rich and giving it to poor? Who would have guessed old Robin Hood folktale was wrong…
Genre: Action
Story features:
<> visual cc
<> choose LI gender
<> mini games/advanced directing

(Amazing cover by @/Maxine.episode on ig


Hahaha thank you so much! I can’t wait to read yours too!

Ooh, your description seems so interesting and I love your cover!

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FT:Not Your Perfect princess

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Hello! here is mine!
Title- FT: Book of Warriors
Author- Me
Description- Not all damsel in distress and not all have a prince charming.
The choice of finding true love or fighting your own battle is at risk.
[CC | LL | Choices Matter]
Full customization, 2 love interest, 2 endings
Instagram- @ epy_minie

the cover was made by @badr_epi on Instagram

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Hi everyone so I finished my fairy tail contest entry and I would love to do a read4read with you

Description: After you parents die your all alone with your wicked stepmom and mean half sisters until there is a masquerade ball at the castle but the prince isn’t as charming as you thought
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 3

Good luck with your story :heart_eyes:
My entry is FT: The Wolf’s Path :wolf: (Based on Little Red Riding Hood)

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