Fujoshi Rising Thread

WARNING: if you do not know what this is, I advise you to turn back or be ready fir a new world which you can’t go back from.

The Fujoshi:
is a self-mocking, pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga, anime and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

Now let’s get one thing straight here- Being a Fujoshi is not easy.

I think many assume fujoshi just ship every guy we see and ruin characters for other. But honestly, it’s not really true.
Do I ship couples that have good chemistry and their sexual orientation is not specified? Yes Kiribaku shipping all the way.
Do some of us ship guys that we most likely know aren’t into each other? Yes


I also enjoy shipping heterosexual couples as much as I enjoy shipping homosexual. Do I maybe squeal and freak out more if it’s a super adorable gay couple? -Of course.
Ultimately- If the ship or pairing resonates with me then I will ship it.

I do enjoy being a fujoshi and I wish people wouldn’t put so much judgment on it.

I feel like anime is actually starting to portray healthy gay relationships healthy instead of those crazy ones before. They shall not be named but you know what I’m talking about -

So after a long time, I decided I wanted to make a thread about the fujoshi life, struggles or anything really.

Some notes

You don’t have to be a full fujoshi and have mountains of manga about it. You can just enjoy some relationships in anime or manga that you may hope end up as canon. But if you ever felt like you didn’t have a place to share your stories or experiences- I hope you can see this as a place to open up and feel comfortable.

Some topics and questions I had in mind are:

  • What was the first BL anime you watched? - Probably mature audiences.

  • How and when did you find out about BL anime?
  • What’s your favorite canon/non-canon male relationships in anime?
  • Who is your fav gay anime couple?
  • Any embarrassing moments you had watching any anime with some gay romance?
  • Any fujoshi stories you have?
Could this thread close?

I don’t know if a thread like this could be closed or not but I thought it would be kind of nice to have one like this. I won’t lie and say that as a fujoshi - there are some really dark sides to the BL mangas and animes. If this thread gets a little too mature then I think it could close. I hope it doesn’t really. But if it does I hope some will be able to enjoy some of the environment and activity here- even if it dies lol.

Btw this thread was inspired by the “Want to talk about hot anime guys” thread. You should def check that out! Want to talk about hot anime guys

For the first topic:
What was the first BL anime you ever watched and how did you find it? ?

  • Did youtube recommend it to you? Did a cousin give away her old mangas and happened to leave that one in there? Looking back- is it trash or is it still a guilty pleasure?

- but if you liked that papa kiss in the dark- you got some issues you need to work on.

I remeber my first experience with BL like it was yesterday-
I was just scrolling throguh youtube. Watching some anime clips - couldn’t tell you of what.
I was out of animes to watch so I looked through comments for suggestions.
It was there that I saw the title anime - that almost all fujoshis know - Junjou Romantica.
I’m not really a romantic anime kind of girl but I was bored and I figured- Why not?
I searched through youtube and easily found the series. I clicked and honestly-
Was nowhere ready to see what I was about to watch.
I Immediately exited out the video.
But overtime I- I couldn’t help but go back and eventually I watched it. >.<
Now I don’t know why but I never really watched the first episode. For some reason I had clicked on the second episode. So I never really saw that way inappropriate and not right at all part.
Honestly it wasn’t the worst one out there.
It actually had one a really good couple in the show ~ Nowaki and Hiroki.
I can’t say I would recommend it to everyone.
But if you know the show- I would definitely gush about the couple.
It’s definitely a guilty pleasure and you know I don’t think I could really hate it.
It was the gateway anime that started my fujoshi journey.

My first BL anime was Yuri on Ice if you guys count it as one ifyou don’t then it’s sekaiichi hatsukoi. Sekaiichi hatsukoi I think was recommended by my friend.
I don’t even know how I found out about BL animes and mangas I just watched Yuri on ice and somehow started to get into the BL world more!
Favourite BL ships are definetly:
Yuri x victor
Levi x Eren
Usagi x Misaki

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You know I have been recommended Yuri on ice so many times I have yet to watch it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
It’s funny that you have just one show and suddenly you get surrounded by BL :joy:
Misaki x Usagi is def one of my ultimate ships tho :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

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Yeah it’s weird it’s one show and then another and another and another and then when you’re watching a normal not BL anime you just look at some guys and be like daamn I ship those. :joy:
And yeh even though I usually don’t ship people that have a big age gap but somehow misaki x usagi are just ooo freaking cute together ! And luckily Misaki isn’t all that young so the age gap doesn’t even bother me

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But they’ve made some new ones that are actually not bad so that was pretty great to see too!

What new ones ?
Also do you have any good BL anime to recommend ?? I have some on my list that I plan to watch but I want moreee :smile:

did you watch
Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu.
SOO good.

Oooh yeah I watched it ! it was sooo goood loved it! It was so noce to see a BL anime that is not so old since junjou and sekaiichi are a bit older and gravitation is older as well. But Dakaretai ooohh the characters were so cute!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Ooo and Takano x Ritsu from sekaiichi hatsukoi Soo cutee

Yeah it’s nice to see updated anime.
When they had Junjou Romantica season 3 I was in love with the new art.
Dakaretai definitely became one of my top 3 BL anime!
LOL I still need to watch sekaiichi hatsukoi - I heard it’s amazing I dont know what I’m waiting for lmao. :joy::sweat_smile::joy:

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