Full Body Edits: What are your opinions?


Hey everyone! So I am pretty much posting edits I have done just to give you guys an idea of the type of edits I can do. Both these edits are full body edits that were requested to me through Instagram. Yes I am now accepting requests. But I will no longer accept requests once I feel I have enough. If you want you can check out my Instagram: @lady_anne.epi to see more of my edits :slight_smile: You can also request edits from me there or just message me​:heart:️
Also feel free to comment down below your thoughts and opinions☺️👇

P.s - The people who requested wanted their edits to have a badass look😉 Do you think these edits show that?


It’s amazing glad to have you in the family




Awww… thanks😍 I’m glad to be apart of the family💖


You did a really good job, OP!


I like the fun one it looks more baddie


Thank you!:revolving_hearts:




They look really good👍


Thank you!:hugs::sparkling_heart: