Full CC, Limited CC, or No CC



Hi! I’m currently on the first chapter of my first ever story, and I’ve got a whole story planned. I’m stuck on letting the readers create their character (name+appearance), choose their appearance (appearance), or no CC at all. I personally love stories with CC because I feel like I’m in the story and that the choices I select are important. I want to do CC but I also want to do the main character I have planned. Should I do CC (full or limited) or should I do no CC?


I read story with CC limited, full, or none, but most readers like CC so maybe do limited so you still get the look of the character you had in mind.
For one of my limited CC i let them choose eye shape, nose shape, face shape, and a out of about 4 skin tones i think, they couldn’t choose eye color, hair color, or a skin tone out of my range.
But always do what you feel is best don’t do it for the readers do it for you :wink:


Thank you so much!


Limited so you can still keep your character the same but change a little


Thank you!


Full CC!


Limited CC


I’m one of them readers that don’t mind. As long as the story is good I’m going to read it. :blush::blue_heart:


I’m ok with it and without it. If I had to choose one it would be no CC. Just because I like to see what the author actually envision their characters to be like.


I prefer full CC however I’ll still read a story despite it having no or limited CC, because it’s always the stoy line that matters the most ^^

I’d rather be a non CC character who’s in a well written story than a CC character in a story full of errors : )


Alright! Thank you


Thanks so much!!