Full customization vs. limited customization

What do you think is better? Full customization or limited customization? I personally think full customization is better, especially for the MC and LI. With full customization, it better satisfies the reader, it brings the reader into the story, and the reader just might envision the characters differently from how you created them. Limited customization on the other hand could actually disappoint the reader and just like I said before, the reader could envision the characters differently. Now I will say that limited customization could work for supporting characters, say if you need them to look a certain age and that you might want to retain a certain face shape, eye shape, nose shape, etc. But, when it comes to the MC and LI, then full customization is recommended.

Now this here is just my personal outlook, and I understand if some of you differ on this topic, but anyway what do you think is better? Full or limited customization?


As a reader, I don’t have a preference.

If the MC already has a name, the author probably created the character as a character and not a vehicle for readers to self-insert. If the MC has a name, I won’t customize. I feel the same way about limited customization; if there is a way that the author envisioned the character to look, why give any CC options? I won’t customize with limited CC, either.

Neither scenario will fully turn me off from a story, and I’m not alone. I think people put too much weight on CC vs. no CC. There are plenty of stories with no CC that have millions of reads, so if someone is using CC as a way to pander to readers, it’s only doing so much. Just my 2¢.


For me, it entirely depends on how the author plays it out. If the character is meant to be me, I like full cc bc that really solidifies the idea. However, if the author specifies that I am not the character, and I’m just observing the story, I’m not too picky. At that point, I like being able to see the characters the way the author envisioned them

Either way, if I like the story, I’ll read it. I don’t put too much weight on cc.


OMG, same here, girl!! I don’t care if you have CC or not. I care about the storyline. So, if I read a story without CC at all, but I like the storyline, I definitely will continue reading. Some authors also have a reason not to CC, I don’t mind about that. Mostly I don’t fully use CC. I like to see, what kind of characters the author comes up with. (Hopefully that makes sense. :woman_facepalming: :laughing:)


As a writer I don’t like adding customization to my stories because I add backgrounds and ethnicity/culture/traditions to characters specifically for them. If/when I create a story where the background doesn’t matter then I will do full CC but until then my characters will be portrayed as I see fit. Not every story needs customization and I don’t mind as a reader when there isn’t any. :blush:


Yes I totally understand this …you’ve hit the nail on the head :smiley: Though I’ve just gotta say, I’d sacrifice any cc for character overlays and art scenes.