Full of Surprises


There was a new girl who moved right next door to the most popular guy in school. She did not know him nor did she have an interest because she was still in a relationship back home. She and Jake were in love, they were together since 8th grade. But little did she know Jake was cheating on her with her best friend Sarah. Them three were always together like three peas in a pod. She gets to know her new school, and Caleb ( next door neighbor) started feeling her. Yet she showed no interest but he kept trying. Her first semester of Senior year was all great so she decides to fly out to go visit her boyfriend as a surprise during Christmas Break. She ends up going to his house with some food. But what caught her by surprise when she opened the door to her boyfriend’s room was her best friend all over him with nothing on. she drops the food and runs out while Jake runs after her… She was heartbroken… she gets home and Caleb stops her from going inside to say hello, and he notices something is wrong and asks. she was debating whether to open up or not… After their little conversation, they became closer friends, Best Friends. He was falling for her even more. But she was still hung over. Caleb tried hard to make her forget Jake. One night they were hanging out like a normal night and Caleb swoops a kiss… It caught her by surprise, she did not know whether to stop or keep going… She felt weird because she never felt someone else’s lips other than Jakes. So she ends up trying to avoid Caleb… He kept trying to talk to her but couldn’t get her too… Weeks past and he’s still trying. She decides to give him a chance. Summer comes and they go on real dates. but then her ex-boyfriend shows up out of nowhere… Begging to get her back, does she? does she stay with Caleb? or Jake?


Hey, this sounds like a really good story! Are you trying to promote it or…?