Full story art scenes

Is here any artist who does full story art scenes? That would mean a little lower prices than usual since it’s full story. Thanks.


Check @liaxrosie on Ig, she does very beautiful art scenes covers, etc…
You can either commission or take requests.

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If you want I could do that :relaxed:

How many art scenes are you Looking at?

u could try this thread :white_heart:

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I know a few commission artist, what is your price range?

These are art scenes from my story, my friend Cris and I make
Our insta is @crisora.art

we also make non realistic ones that are cheaper.

hey lovely! I do cheap commissions (sometimes free requests), so feel free to check out my examples in my commission form. :heartpulse:


Thank you for suggesting me!! :two_hearts:
@lucky_mima I am currently taking commissions. You can PM me or check out my thread for more info!


hey, i’m open for commissions! you can check out my prices and examples in my art shop here!

Hey there, my commissions are open! I charge $30 USD for two people, waist up. Anything different than that (ie. less characters, extra characters, full body, neck up, etc.), we can work out a price we’re both comfortable with!



Hi!! Im open for commissions!!
we can also discuss the prices, since its a full story art scenes.
Here are some samples of my art:

Feel free to dm me here or on my insta @ZamiraArts :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


just wanted to hop on here and say your art is magnificent :sparkles::sparkles:

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owo :heart: Thank you!!!

I have bookmarked this reply because I’m gonna need art scene for my story and I’ll be looking for you :heart:

I appreciate it!

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