Fullmetal alchemist... let’s talk about it

Okay so I haven’t seen this anime fully yet but I have seen the first 13 episodes of Fullmetal alchemist. But now I’m wondering should I continue it OR should I drop it OR should I watch Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.

Also can someone explain the difference between fullmetal alchemist and brotherhood? Like I have this idea that they’re the same anime plot vise? But brotherhood is just kinda a ”newer” version of it or am I totally wrong?

Anyway let’s talk about the series ! :heart:


The orginal. or the new version

The original Full Metal Alchemist anime was in production before the written manga was completed, so they eventually passed the source material and started writing their own original content for it. The ending, and their explanations for homunculi are unique to the anime. Also, Wrath & Pride are swapped in this version.

The FMA movie continues this storyline as well.

FMA: Brotherhood was made years after the manga was completed, so it follows the vision of the creators more closely. I enjoyed this version much more, through both have their merits :slight_smile:


I miss this anime so much! I stop watching it for a while, because I was so obsessed with Snow White with Red Hair. :heart::100::revolving_hearts::see_no_evil:

You should watch Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood :smiley: It’s better than the other. It follow the storyline and manga. The other FMA doesn’t follow and it’s too confusing.


Brotherhood is the better anime, in my opinion. While they’re both amazing because the source material is fantastic, the quality of Brotherhood — even the openings — just surpasses most anime out there today. I think it’s easier to get into, even though it seems to start in media res

Alright thanks that really helped :grin:

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