Fun improv game

i had a game idea. why don’t we all start with a scene and make up a funny story? lmao i’m just bored.

Scene: at dinner with your parents and new boyfriend.

let’s start :joy::joy:

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Here’s an idea! You have a choice to eat steak, pizza, or mac and cheese.

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DAD: I’m still waiting on my answer as to why it took you THIS long to tell me about him…


girl: well… we uh- we needed some tome to make it official

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pizza for me, mac and cheese is disgusting.

Dad: but that’s not a reason… is there any actual reason you didn’t tell me?

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I-uh- was a bit nervous to tell you…

Dad: Well it’s not like I was going to kill him. I would either approve or banish him from this household, and all the galaxies with in a 40000000000 mile radius of earth.

Girl: oh! Well… what do you think, mom? Dad?