Fun New Writing Challenge

Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone. I hope you are having a great day. I am gathering essays for a book and I need as many people’s help with it as possible.

I would like people to write an essay from the essay prompt “What is one thing you think that everyone or a certain demographic (whether segmented by age or by place or by gender) should know?”.

For example, it could be an elderly person writing an open letter per se to all the teenagers out there. Or it could be an elderly person writing an essay to anyone. The deadline for submission is on May 28 2020.

After you finish writing this essay, share it with a quick bio about yourself preferably as a google doc with The following should be said about your document.

1: The title of the google doc should be recorded with the format [Your name and title] - If You Are Reading This, Just Know. Your name can be your real name or your pen name.

2: After your essay, there should be a quick bio of yourself detailing your occupation, your age or age range, a quick explanation of what you were thinking when you were writing the essay or something that ties back to the essay, and anything else you feel like it should include. 3: Aim for your statement to be between 500 and 600 words. 4: Be specific.

You are not allowed to lie about your age or occupation or anything else. If your essay is selected for publication, I will send out an email to you accepting your essay.

The book will be a collection of essays that you guys write and I edit. This is something fun that I would love to try out and I think everyone who takes part in it will have fun doing it.

Share this with your friends so that they can join in the fun as well.


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