Fun Poll! ❤


Would anyone enter a magic themed outline contest on the forums and Instagram?

  • Yass girl! I love outlines!!
  • Nah, I have better things to do.

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Reply if you have any ideas or whatnot!




:smile: I’m glad you’d enter! I’m gonna make one after I give the results for my other contest! ( I’m probably going to move the deadline earlier.)


Lol, I barely have entries for mine so I might do the same lol


Not that i really have better things to do, i just cant draw :joy:


:joy: I was like that too. But I started coloring in for outline contests and I eventually got a bit better.


I’m better at drawing on paper than I am digitally


lol I cannot draw on paper :joy:


i cant draw anywhere lol


:joy: I can colour in outlines!


Would you mind if I post the link to vote for my contest here??


What do you mean by vote??


On theme. Like spring fling, romance, cover, Outline etc;


I’d rather not since the administrators might see it as us going off topic… I would just create a topic, people rarely read comments anyways.


Same, I’m not good at art :sweat_smile:
So I’ll just stick to things I’m good at XD


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