Fun Question Game!



 ~How to play: 

Type a question the person who sees it first must respond and ask a random question… the next person to see it will answer the question then ask another question… it keeps on going
•Don’t ask any inappropriate questions.
•This is meant to be a fun game. Don’t be mean to someone!!


I’ll start: what is your favorite food?



What was your favorite movie 2 years ago?


The Conjuring 2, maybe?

What’s your favorite candle scent? :candle:


Vanilla cupcake

What is your favorite male name?


What is your favorite tv show?


That 70’s Show

What’s your favorite book?


That is my favorite show as well!!
Twilight Series
What color do you wear most?


lol cool! it’s the best!

Black :black_heart:

Do you prefer sweet or savory foods?


Savory foods.

What’s your favorite book?


I love all of the Gossip Girl books lmao

What’s your favorite holiday?


Does summer count?

Would you rather live without your phone or live without music?


Live without music

Day or night?


Night :sleeping:

Apple juice or apple sauce? (i’m not good at coming up with questions)


Apple juice

Sleep forever or never sleep


So die or die? :rofl: I guess I’d rather never sleep…

Favorite animal?



What would you shape shift into?



Favorite number?


What is the weirdest combination of food u have ever eaten?


Peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

Favorite episode story?