Fun Question Game!


At the moment I’m reading the City of Bones series by Cassandra Clare, but I really enjoy the series Wildwood by Colin Meloy. :books:


Mindhunter by John Douglas. He is the father of the BAU at the FBI and has worked some really notable cases.

What do you think of museums - are they something you find boring or are they a passport to the past?


Hmmm I find them boring as hell but that is just my opinion.

Do you prefer Limelight or Ink style?


I love ink style - TIL THE DAY I DIE (sorry Limelight :joy::joy::joy:

What’s your favourite food and does it bring back good memories?


My favourite food is 2 minute noodles. They are like mine and my best friend’s favourite so we used to eat it together everyone we had sleepovers!

Who is your favourite episode characters so far and from which story? Why?


Clark from Villain Rehab by @Caitoriri . He’s the MC of the story and he keeps causing trouble everywhere he goes. The story revolves around him is really crazy. LOVE IT!!

Do you have an actual crush on a character from a story? If so, which one? Why?


Yes, I love Rafael in Unfaithful, hes such a sweetheart :heart_eyes:

What’s your favourite take out?


Sushi Seki- I always get udan and tempora with my friend. It’s soo good!
Who is your celebrity crush?


Gah, I have too many celebrity crushes but if I had to choose one - it would be Marlon Brando. Damn, from his pouty lips, his dark eyes and crazy gorgeous hair as well as pure talent just gets to me.

What’s your favourite place in the world and why?


My favourite place has to be… well, there are a lot of places to begin with :smile: Eg.: Iceland, Thailand (aka my home), Taiwan, Canada,… These places are all beautiful, their nature is spectacular.

What’s your favorite band?


I don’t really have a favorite band… if I had to pick I’d say Marroon 5

What tv show would u recommend??


The 100, its on Netflix. :tv:

Which do you hate the most? Doctor :syringe: or dentist :grimacing: ?


Definitely dentist! :disappointed:
What’s the thing that annoy you the most?


People that have no manners.

Which country are you from?


Bus or subway???



Dogs or cats?

(not sure if this has been asked already, sorry if it has!)


Dogs For Life!

Last Purchase?


A birthday card for @EM_EPISODE

Favorite restaurant??


sunflower cafe (one of them)

favorite food?


Sushi! :heart_eyes:

What is your dream job?