Fun Random Chat Thread

This is a totally random and fun chat! Talk about anything, whether Episode related or not episode related.
Here you can seek: advice, fun, and possible new friends.

Enjoy guys :slight_smile:


If we need a topic to start - I could use a bit of advice with my crush lol

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What’s up? I’m Love Doctor Winter! :wink:

I have 0 qualifications and no experience in relationships but… :joy:

Haha ok, well, it’s obvious that we both like each other, but for some reason, we just pretend it’s not there.


I’m the best with that stuff

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Have you guys flirted with eachother?

Been to any events together?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Because you’re great with your crush?!

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We’ve spent an entire day at the beach and he’s so playful with me

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Omgggg I know the feeling!! :raising_hand_woman:t3:

Yesss I really am :smirk:

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Woooooooow a whole day???

I am super good with it…don’t you worry

Again, I know that feeling! :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

…But I don’t know what to do about it. :joy:

I’m not worried.

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Haha well bad advice is better then none right? :sweat_smile:


Winter is just jealous of me :roll_eyes:


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Haha :joy:

Talk to him about it or if you’re too scared tell one of your friends to ask him about it

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