Fun Random Chat Thread

If you want help with coding I’m could lend you a hand I’ve just got the hang of it all

Mine is playing outside his fur is black so I should get him in

Mines sleeping

I’m writing episode one of my own story right now any tips for a good storyline

I hope this story helps one of you think lol.

Right, so the popular guy in my year group had a crush on me for a while and I actually had a crush on him as well at the time but we usually just sat together in Spanish class. He was quite open with the way he felt and I actually heard say he had a crush on me but I never said anything. I didn’t believe my ears and I thought nobody would believe that this guy would have a crush on someone like me. I never told anybody about this crush - I only told my best friend just a few months ago (it has been around 5 years? since he had that crush on me).

Put it this way, I am kicking myself because maybe if I said something - maybe if I just reacted or anything even a small thing could have happened? I don’t know but now he has got a great girlfriend, is doing extremely well for himself! Good for him!

My mind plays on the could have been but shrug!

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Me being a cringey member I put the room mates meme in and I feel like no ones gonna get it

I tend to watch gmm and markiplier cos they’re funny and never cease to make me alugh

Ok, who keeps reporting this?

Someone reporting this…?

Delete the “chat room” in the title?

Yes, I keep getting messages that it’s “Violating the guidelines”.

I can’t

That would be so sweet! I’ve got a name and got a few artists to make me the covers and I have an idea for the story line but I’m still iffy with it

@AbbeyX_295 discussing you getting reported is contributing to off topic content in the thread. If you would like to discuss this please pm myself or @Sydney_H. Thanks.

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Your episode story?


@Jeremy How is it off topic? It’s labeled as a random chat and we’re not talking about anything inappropriate or offensive

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