Funeral Backgrounds?

Hiya, does anyone have a funeral background I can use for my story? You will be mentioned in the story for my appreciation. If you know anyone who has this or can get me one I will be very greatful.


Omg I am seriously after the same thing :joy:

ha really what a coincidence. I was ment to publish it a few day but I’ve added some more scenes and need one.

check here.

Thank You I’ll cheak it out now. :blush:

I was just about to post the same question then it came up with yours as a suggestion so I thought I might pop up :joy:

I have just restarted my story, I had done half of the first episode but looking at it it was so boring so just going start again.

:+1:. Just make sure u read rules first if they have any in their drive.

Of course. You are a star! :star_struck:

Did anyone have any luck?

Yeah in the end I just did one for the both of us