Funniest things your pet/s ever done

Since our pets can be funny as hell. What have your pets done that is funny?

My cat always makes that face when he eats a food that he enjoys by eating with his mouth open knowing that he has done something naughty. He randomly winks at others.


Such a cute cat you have! :heart_eyes_cat:

I used to have a white cat named Loki (don’t judge :sunglasses:). He used to be afraid of cockroaches and other insects so much even though they were like 1/1000th of his own size lol.


My cat is quite fat so once when he was walking to the food bowl he stopped half a meter from the bowl and layed down to sleep (because it was so tiring to walk), after five minutes he woke up and continued walking towards the food.:joy:


Awww bless him. How old was Loki?

My cat is so cute. You might have seen a picture of him as my profile picture when I first joined this forum.

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Thanks! Loki was 5 years old before he left with his family :thinking: (and by left with his family, I mean he got another female cat preggo and was an expecting father, thank god I didn’t get the poor female cat to sign any pre-nuptials :laughing:)

I did see your cat on your pfp! He was awesome and just Awww. I swear cats are the best animals Gods ever invented :heart_eyes_cat:


Aww I guess it must have been heartbreaking for you :’( naughty Loki!

Cats are awesome. Meow!

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Oh dear, looks like he needs to be put on the treadmill

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We have tried like every thing that can make him lose weight, but nothing works. We have just accepted that he is a fat cat and will probably never lose weight. :joy: :joy:

Oh dear, naughty cat.

I get my cat to work out often so he doesn’t get fat.

But how do you get him to work out, my cat just sits on the floor when i try to play with him.

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Does your cat roll around when you play with him?

Sometimes I let my cat out, sometimes I get this fishing rod and run around with it so he can jump or chase it around.

No my cat just sits and look at me like i am an idiot trying to play with him and he can’t go out because his an indoor cat.

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Oh okies. Weird cat! What colour is he and how old?

He is an mixture between yellow, brown and black and he is 3 (soon 4) years old (we got him when he was 3 so it wasn’t we that turned him fat) :joy:

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I guess the previous owner made him fat.

Haha yeah. :joy:

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Poor cat

One of my cats likes to look at himself in the mirror. If you walk up on him when he’s checking himself out he walks away and acts as if he wasn’t. :joy::joy:

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Hahaha aww he sounds like a vain cat hehehe

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Lmao he is. He’s way to into himself. :laughing:

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