Funniest way for mc and li to meet?

LMAO Those are great too! :raised_hands:

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Thanks for the tag but I don’t have any good ideas rn.
Well, I was thinking maybe make the li and mc meet each other while the li is walking some dogs and suddenly one dog gets free and chases the li’s dog. The li gets furious and they quarrel for some stupid reason trying to prove that it’s the other person’s fault.

– a stupid idea, I know. I can’t come up with anything else rn. But if I get another idea then I’ll surely let you know.
Damn. My grammar atm is like… :dizzy_face:

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MC is eating a hot dog in the park and LI is walking the dogs (work).
Suddenly the dogs feel the squirrel and the MC realizes that hot dog is old.
The dogs are in pursuit, the MC takes a swing at a trash can aisle wide.
Instead of hitting the basket, the old hot dog hits LI in the face :crazy_face:
The dogs run away, MC tries to apologize, but LI is furious.
Then, of course, additional scenes with looking for dogs in the park and the surrounding area.


mc goes on a ride and wasnt secured correctly so the mc falls onto the li because li cant catch


BAHAHAHA that is also amazing :raised_hands:

Wooowwww :cherry_blossom:! The falling scenes actually makes the characters fall in love with each other :wink::joy:!

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Lmaooo but yes :full_moon_with_face:

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