Funny African Stereotypes (Are they ok?)

Hey, I’m currently writing a story that has africans in. As an african myself, would it be okay if I included stereotypes like these? Or would it be offensive to some people?
E.g. :

Please share your thoughts! :heart:

I’d say if you do go that route, be sure to put a detailed disclaimer to cover your bases. Even so you are of the people you are going to be representing so- thats where it can get muddy for others. If its weighing on you and you’re questioning putting it in too much then its probably best not to if it causes you so much turmoil internally. Hopefully this helped.

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Well all stereotypes always come from some ounce of truth I have met a lot of people who act like the stereotypes seen in the video but as long as you don’t allow a stereotype to define you characters I think it’s fine

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