Funny events in school

Omg fr? :joy:

I’m a teacher, so I have plenty of funny school moments to share.
But here’s one from today:

8th grade

I teach English in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. Once a week, my students have two back-to-back periods of English class. I usually try to plan something fun or different for the second hour of class. So yesterday, I asked my 8th graders to send me the name of a song they like so that today in class, everyone could guess who chose each song.
My three groups have known since the first day of school that my favorite song is Sunflower. The interesting thing is that it’s also the favorite song of two 8th graders. So, I made a playlist with all the songs they sent in, and told them to write down the name of the person who they thought might have chosen each song.
When Sunflower started playing, one of my students said, “That’s more obvious than the relationship between Wanda and Vision.” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Omg they Like that song a lot :joy: I bet you teachers have a lot of funny events with your classes :joy:

Yesterday boys from my class played a song from the time of Yugoslavia (it’s called Comrade Tito, we swear to you) and the teacher almost caught us. :joy: One of my classmates is obessed with Tito (if you don’t know who Tito is Google it)