“Funny” injuries?

Okay friends. So I’m currently injured waiting for my surgery date. I honestly think it’s kind of funny. I was walking and slipped in a puddle of water (the concrete was like slimy from moss or something). Well while slipping I managed to dislocate my knee cap. When this happened I tore a ligament, fractured my femur, and have some cartilage that has to be removed. It’s just so ridiculous that all I can do is laugh at myself.

Has anyone hurt themselves in a way that you couldn’t help but find funny despite getting hurt??


That sounds serious! Hope you’re okay. Wishing you a safe surgery

And one time when I was like four years old, I was running to go outside and there was a glass door that was so clean I didn’t even realize there was a door there, so I ran, face first into the door :joy: My face was hurt after that, so I guess that’s considered an injury


Thank you! All things considered, my injuries are minor. The surgery is minimally invasive and mainly just to clean up and get any floating debris like cartilage or bone fragments.

And that’s so funny :rofl: Poor 4 year old you! Lol


Ouch most hurt, hope it goes well and you get better soon.


I hope that you have a safe surgery :innocent:
When I was like 3 or 2 years old, I was walking around the house behind my mom and she didn’t notice me. I was not really walking but I was crawling :joy: and I fell and my one teeth fell through my lips like the lips just tore apart :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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Wish you luck on your surgery and recovery!

I have a couple of “funny” injuries.

When I was about 10 or so, I was riding my bike. I really liked going up to the top of people’s driveways and riding down. Well, one day, I biked to the top of my neighbor’s driveway and as I was going down, I think I stepped on my brakes on accident and I fell forward. I scraped my knees, elbows and under my chin. I didn’t cry when it happened but I definitely cried when my mom was cleaning me up lol.

About 3 years ago, I was staying over at my friend’s place. It was a last minute decision so I didn’t have all my stuff, including contact case/solution and glasses. I used my friend’s contact solution, not knowing the warning that came with it. Well, I used it like a regular solution….:sweat_smile: it’s not supposed to be used like that. So, the next morning, i tried putting my contacts in and OH MY GOD! My eye burned!!! I tried to flush my eye with water but it still burned and was extremely red. I went to the doctor and told him what happened. He looked at it and told me I gave myself a chemical burn. So, I had to give myself eye drops twice a day and wear my glasses until it healed. It was probably almost 2 weeks until I could wear contacts again. It was the worst lol.


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