Funny moments 1 and other stuff I want to share

There was this time our 9th grade french teacher took scissors from a boy in my class who was abusing them (Yes they do that in my country which will not be named)
The scissors disappeared midway the class and she was perplexed for like 10 mins just to take in that the scissors were gone, UwU she is beyond old! Not to make fun of the elderly but she is just a special case
She full blown said the perp who get in serious trouble, suspended or even expelled, one day she burst into class and gave a complaint about us, rowdy, conniving,waste of time and energy, lazy brats, she pointed at her worst students and I was there because of that one frickin time I passed an episode code note to a girl who was badgering me for it all day, but she was not there for the scissors she was there to comment on us, as soon as she left, a girl stood up and was like (Thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus!)
apparently she made noise in the class of the scissors theft and thought she would get suspended, it was very early in the term and no one should ever get suspended then,
No offence pls do not flag this, but my country hates homosexuality and a boy sent love letter to another boy and the boy was so freaked out that he took it to the Bitch who pissed me off!Sydney who took it to Alexa who took it to Dayo (You do not need to know how to pronounce all the names) who took it to Rex who took it to Victor who took it to the Head of academics, the boy Edward was immediately expelled I am not gay but I feel it’s time that Africa stops this homophobic shit Because if it was a girl they would have just laughed it off
Finally, the money incident, Money is not allowed in my school but the tacky school blazers and Rubiks cubes are?! anyway a boy brought money, he brought football cards to sell he apparently brought 10k Naira, 28 dollars on average to school he tried to sell some to me but me being the goody two shoes I declined blissfully, tired of holding the money he wanted to give it to a personal friend who was not there he proceeded to give it to Dominic who gave it to Aye, Aye held the money for a while and gave it to Sam, they said Sam and a boy named Richard brought 10 euros to school, anyway a boy in the 7th grade found out and decided to use it as blackmail for the smuggler, the smuggler declined everything he was like Over my fucking dead body (his actual words) he got snitched to the HOA I know because during break I saw all the culprits lined up, including some 7th graders who don’t even ask me how and why they are involved, some guys like Dominic and Aye were let go because they only held it for like 1 day they were not in on it but they still got punished for hiding it and it was the Friday before final exams meaning whoever got suspended would automatically repeat the grade, to be honest from all this I learned it’s never good to be a popular kid, you always somehow get roped into bad stuff your friendly
work acquaintances do like if you found this funny btw and you can find out where I live through a mistake I made if you are keen btw

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