Funny scene from a series or sitcom

Please share some of the hilarious scenes or a joke from any series.

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Shamy were playing a game . Leonard joins them but loses.
AMY-Is he always like
this when he loses?
SHELDON- Oh yes.
You should’ve been here for the
great Jenga tantrum of 2008.
LEONARD-You bumped the table
and you know it.

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The Three Stooges - A Plumbing We Will Go
This episode is so freaking funny, I laughed so hard during it XD
At one part, they’re listening to the TV about Niagara Falls and water actually comes flowing out of the TV (it’s funnier when you see it lol, the whole episode is gold)
The Three Stooges is a very funny show with episodes that’ll make you laugh so hard, you’ll feel like you’re dying of laughter :rofl:

Johnny Bravo - A Date with an Antelope
I loved where the crab showed up and started attacking Johnny XD
Note this does not make me a violent person.
Anyways, he has so much bad luck :rofl:

Actually a lot of Johnny Bravo episodes are funny like the price one :laughing:

I can name way more comedic shows with funny scenes/jokes but I guess this is enough for now… :smirk_cat: :yellow_heart:


Johnny Bravo’s my favourite too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
And you are right every episode is so goddamn hilarious :joy::joy:



The Big Bang theory is hilarious and young Sheldon has some of the elements in it too :laughing:


I cry because I love SHELDON.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Literally every scene that’s intended to be funny in the reboot of One day at a time.

Here’s one that came to mind;

Lydia is trying to persuade her granddaughter to have a quinceanera.
Elena: I’ve been researching the past of quinces and found out they’re totally misogynistic.
Lydia; She’s been reading again, why do you let her read?
Penelope (Elena’s mother): I know its horrific, I let her do math too.
Lydia: How are we supposed to know when Elena becomes a woman?
Elena: You missed it. I was thirteen, it was in gym and ironically it happened during first period.

Here’s the link for the scene and many others :joy:


One more series added to the list.


All the Dustin scenes.
:joy: :joy:

(Stranger things.)


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