Future Art Styles

Episode has three art styles at the moment. Their first art style called CLASSIC, their second art style called INK, and their latest art style called LIMELIGHT.
LL has been with us for a few years now, and this is the part when I let you wonder.

Do you think Episode will release a 4th art style or do you think LL is the ”ultimate” one?

And If they do, do you think the characters will be more cartoon-ish or realistic?


I hope a new kind of INK-style. I still love INK (and LL is also growing on me), but yeah we will see, maybe it stays at 3 kinds of styles and nothing more. :woman_shrugging:


I do think there will beore realistic type of characters looking at the start with the classic and then Ink and then LL

Episode always have been updating itself from good to better and more realistic.

Like classic was just some types of cartoon (no offence here tho) and then Ink was better than Classic…
And here comes the LL with more realistic-ness and all.

But maybe Episode wont give a new style? We cant say that for sure… tbh

But it wont giving us a new style any time soon. Thats for sure! :heart: