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So I am starting my own story and I would like some advice! I am someone who has High hopes of being a big author and I realized that even big authors have to start somewhere so what are some things that make a good story? what are somethings that make a “bad” story? how do you feel about art scenes? Do you have any advice to help me become a big author? What keeps you going to code? really anything type of advise, tips and tricks can help me about becoming a big author :sweat_smile:


Hey Shaday.writes,

Here are some advices :wink: :point_right:

  • Never compare yourself with big authors… → You were right about: ‘you have to start somewhere’… Even big authors started with 0 reads.;
  • Don’t stop promoting… Even if you reach the 1k reads, you still need to promote your story. :wink: When you stop promoting after those 1k reads… Your views will stuck at 1k reads. Duh :roll_eyes: :wink:;
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help at other authors… They had to start somewhere, too. ;
  • Promote at instagram (Facebook) AND/OR on this forum (so you reach more readers);
  • And don’t forget to take breaks. If you have a writer block, don’t forget your story, but take a break and think about something else for a while. But don’t force yourself to write.;
  • Don’t expect you get readers immediately after you published (sounds ridiculous, but there are (starting) authors who think that if you publish magically those readers will appear out of nowhere…);
  • When the first hate mail comes in :point_right: don’t get demotivated. And don’t give up to write. You are here to write, because you like to write, not because that one negative person doesn’t like your story. You are here because you want to publish YOUR story. :wink: ;
  • Do R4R on this forum or ask for feedback from other authors…;
  • Directing advice → Don’t use exit left or right or enters left or right. It changes the size of the characters. So, children will become bigger if they exit or shrink when they enter.;
  • Please, no black screens for narration → use other backgrounds and characters with animations during narration;
  • Check your grammar… Before you publish, just check one more time for grammar and spelling;
  • If you use your own character (authors character) :point_right: don’t use it half of the story-time or a whole episode;
  • Don’t use one whole episode for CC… (If you have CC in your story);

For the rest:

  • Enjoy to write and don’t hesitate to ask me for more help by PM at this forum or DM on instagram (if you have instagram → @angelwings_1983 ).

Love A-W


Hey! A lot of this comes down to personal preference, but here are some things that I think are really important for a good story, and that I’m really careful about when I write:

  • Good grammar! Correct spelling, use of periods and commas, and capitalization are super important to me and I’ve left many stories because they didn’t have this.
  • Two-dimensional characters. When you create a character, give them some set traits. I’m not sure if you’ve ever played The Sims lol but I kind of think about it like that: you assign traits to your characters and make sure you don’t stray from them. This allows your characters to have more of a realistic personality, but also causes distinction between them.
  • Sub-plots! This may depend on both your story’s length and genre, but in most situations it’s very useful and appreciated to have sub-plots. Give your secondary characters something to worry about! This is a little less important (in my opinion) when your story is single-perspective, but I do enjoy adding little tidbits about secondary characters anyways.
  • Regarding art scenes: I personally really don’t like them, I’ll be honest. They break the immersion for me and I can’t stand when they include dialogue, especially when it’s cringey. However, some people like them! And even though I do feel that way, I won’t drop a story because of it.
  • Writing tip: I’ve said this before, but don’t be afraid to write all over the place. Sometimes I sit down to write scene 1 of chapter 6 and instead I find myself writing scene 5 of chapter 7 instead. I never force myself to write because I find my writing is a lot better when I’m inspired. Sometimes it’s also easier to write those in-between scenes when you’ve finished everything else.

Finally, here are some coding and directing tips I’ve compiled:

Hope that helps!


Thank you for the advice I truly appreciate it! :yellow_heart:

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I feel the same with art scenes that have dialogue like the s*x scenes :sob:

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