Future Episodes for my story: Ink - Remembering Female and Male Customization (CLOSED)

Hey everyone,

Originally I had made both a male and/or female customization AND name input for if you chose one or the other. If anyone could answer any of these points, that would really help!

  • Coding The Names that the reader had entered into the first episode
  • How to code that specific episode if they chose either a male or female
  • Keeping that same look as they did when they created the character

Thanks for the help y’all, and I wish ya great luck for your future endeavors!


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Let me link you some guides made by the iconic @Dara.Amarie that touch on these subjects:

I have read these, but they did not help much, as they did not show me how to remember the listed in a newer episode.

Okay so let me try to break it down for you.

First, have you established gains in your choices?

Maybe THIS THREAD will help you if you’re talking about how to choose gender?

Or perhaps this template HERE

The template REALLY HELPED for the after episode! I really appreciated it!