Futuristic namessss pllsss

Im creating a story set in the year 7275 and want names for a few characters but im at a stand-still. Can you help me with names for these characters?

1: A worn shopkeep thats tough but kind. Is like an uncle to MC, cares very much for her.

2: A high class female politician with a dark side. Shes sneaky, and wears a “mask.”

3: An andriod that’s defective and has no owners so gave himself a name. He’s robotic in tone and an early gen android. 74 years old.

4: A name for “highclass guard” because all i got is “High Guard” lmao This isnt an actual name but a word for a High Profile guard. Kinda like an FBI agent.

5: A big time female drug dealer, bad-ss, honest. She plays no games and has a no bullsh-t attitude. Helpful, but doesnt do anything for free.


hey! here are some names i found on a website and their meanings!

  1. Alaric - A Germanic name meaning ruler
  2. Anakin - One of the famous male names from Star Wars, it means warrior
  3. Blaze - A name of Latin origin related to fire
  4. Cassian - A Roman and Latin inspired name
  5. Cypher - A name meaning mystery
  6. Destry - A Western inspired name meaning war horse
  7. Dozer - A unique spelling of the Bavarian surname, Doser
  8. Eno - Originally a surname found in Hampshire, England
  9. Eythor - Of Old Norse origin and possibly Marvel inspired with the meaning of little Thor
  10. Finian - Of Gaelic and Irish origin meaning fair
  11. Garven - An Old English name meaning spear-friend
  12. Harlin - An Old English name meaning army land
  13. Kian - A Persian name meaning king
  14. Lucius - A Harry Potter inspired name, it is also a Latin name meaning light
  15. Lux - A modern, Latin inspired name also meaning light
  16. Mace - A Middle English name, and also a Star Wars inspired name from the Ewoks franchise
  17. Neo - A name made famous by the Matrix movie
  18. Nye - A name of Welsh origin meaning man of honor
  19. Ryker - A German name meaning rich
  20. Sirius - A Harry Potter inspired name and the name of the brightest star in the night sky
  21. Storm - An Old English name meaning tempest
  22. Tristan - A name meaning noise or bold of Welsh origin
  23. Xander - A name meaning defender of man
  24. Zaiden - An American name meaning increasing or surplus
  25. Zen - A Japanese and Buddhism inspired name
  1. Adlai - Of Hebrew origin, it means God is just
  2. Annora - Of Latin origin, it means honor
  3. Astra - Meaning star, this name is of Latin origin
  4. Auryn - A name of Welsh origin meaning gold
  5. Crescentia - A name of French origin meaning increasing or growing
  6. Cersei - A name well known from Game of Thrones
  7. Falynn - An English name meaning beautiful fairy
  8. Idryssa - An Arabic name meaning interpreter
  9. Jada - Of Hebrew origin, this name means good and beautiful woman
  10. Luna - An Italian and Spanish name meaning moon, and also a Harry Potter inspired name
  11. Lyra - A Greek name meaning lyre and a character name in the His Dark Materials trilogy
  12. Mina - A German name meaning love
  13. Mircea - A Romanian name meaning peace
  14. Nova - A star that suddenly releases a huge burst of energy
  15. Novelia - Of Latin origin, it means new one
  16. Padme - A Persian name meaning lotus and a Star Wars inspired name
  17. Radia - An Arabic name meaning happy and bright
  18. Rey - A Spanish name meaning kings, and also a Star Wars inspired name
  19. Satine - A French name meaning smooth and shiny
  20. Shaylae - A Star Wars inspired name
  21. Sola - A Spanish name meaning she who is alone
  22. Trinity - Of English origin, this name relates to the Holy Trinity
  23. Ursa - A Latin name meaning bear
  24. Vega - Of Spanish origin, it means dweller in a meadow
  25. Zosia - A name meaning wisdom of Greek origin
Gender Neutral/Non Binary
  1. Drake - An English name meaning dragon
  2. Eclipse - A Native American name meaning daughter or son of the moon and strength
  3. Emric - An Old High German name meaning ruler of the home
  4. Everton - An Old English name mean boar settlement
  5. Fenn - An English name meaning wetland or marsh
  6. Findall - A derivative name of Finn
  7. Fio - A Latin name meaning blossom
  8. Galaxy - An American name meaning large system of stars
  9. Jax - An English name meaning God has been gracious
  10. Juno - A Latin name meaning queen of heaven or protector of women
  11. Klay - An English name meaning spiritual warrior
  12. Marz - A name inspired by the planet Mars
  13. Nym - A Shakesperean inspired name
  14. Orion - A constellation inspired name with three conspicuous stars
  15. Pascal - A scientist inspired name
  16. Pax - A Latin name meaning peace
  17. Penn - An Old English name meaning hill
  18. Ren - A Japanese name meaning water lily
  19. Rune - An Old Norse name meaning secret
  20. Sagan - A Slavic name meaning wise one and a scientist inspired name
  21. Thales - A Greek name meaning to blossom and a mathematician inspired name
  22. Tove - A Swedish name meaning beautiful
  23. Wynn - An Old English name meaning friend
  24. Zephyr - A Greek name meaning west wind
  25. Zev - A Hebrew name meaning wolf

i can look for some more if you don’t like any of these!


Lol here’s what I came up with.

  1. Carter
  2. Eclipse
  3. Noir
  4. Striker
  5. Zespra
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My ideas.

  1. Erison
  2. Medalia Moonlight
  3. Neptune
  4. Sir Fredstern Dame
  5. Lona

I just know it took a lot to come up with all of these names
All I’ve got is Luna, Ray and Maxcia :sob:


Woah, you went ham! Theres a lot of really good ones here and ive already pivked a few out grom you lists haha

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Ooooh i really like Medalia. I might stick with this one.

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The story is set on a spaceship so these work wonderfully actually.

Thank you. Happy to help :blush:

annora for 5

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Update for funsies:

Thank you all for the suggestions. I’m sure I’ll be using more as the story progresses.


Avria for number 2 and Xenon for number 3 sounds like a fit. But it looks like you already got some but here’s my idea. :black_heart:

I like for a girls name MIDNIGHT

I dont have any name ideas, but perhaps the android can name themself after someone or something that holds some sort of sentiment to them. (Like, maybe they name themself after a broken toy they found in the trash because they know how it feels to be discarded like that. And Maybe they start collecting pieces of unwanted garbage after that.) idk that’s an example, I’m sure you can come up with something better than that. Your story sounds really interesting though

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