Futuristic story, help needed

hey everyone, so i got this idea for a story that i’d like to write but…
I don’t know if you guys would want to read something like this.

So I would love your opinion about it!!

my story idea

It’s 2036 and world war 3 has just started,
only this war isn’t fought on the battlefield but through the internet.
20 million people are pluged in, and are fighting our war in another dimension
through a implanted VR headset.
The problem; being killed in the VR world means being killed in real life.


Tag me when you’ll publish it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Also, happy birthday!! :partying_face:

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thankss :grin:
and I will :wink:

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Ohhh I think that’s a pretty cool idea! Go for it!

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happy birthday! and this is an fantastic idea! i love it!

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this idea is soo cool ! tag me when the story’s out
and happy birthday !

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