Futuristic utopian and dystopian backgrounds needed

Hii, so I need futuristic backgrounds for my upcoming story so any backgrounds will be very very much appreciated.
I will give credit too! :grin::kissing_heart:
Make sure they can be approved!!!

What kind of dystopian background are you looking for? Like a somewhat futuristic one, or just one in general?

Futuristic, like you see in sci-if kind of things

Here are some I found, I made sure to make them correct sizes:



I’ll have to add more of these later, but here:


Thankyou so much

No problem! I’m going to look for more utopian ones when get access to a computer again, as I had limited time before.

Sorry for this dumb question but I am curious to know…
What is utopian and dystopian??
Is it a place or a race or something else??

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Utopian is the perfect world where everything is well… perfect, and dystopian is a destroyed world, broken down and not taken care of properly

Oh… so something like heaven and hell…
Perfect without difficultly and hell as in destroyed and people facing certain difficultly…

I guess so but people are alive