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Hi everyone!
I would like to help you guys with your art resources. I mostly draw romance cover or art but I’ll try to help you as much as I can. I can draw up to 3 characters. If you’re interested in my work let me know. You can also message me on IG-@episode_art_resources
For those who haven’t gotten their art scenes, I’m sorry but my computer was having some problems, that said please DM me on IG.
Thank you <3

Here is a drawing of mine:


Do you have a form to fill when requesting the art?

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i absolutely love your style!

Not really just show me the position of your liking and the character(s) you want me to draw.

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Awww! Thank you

Alright. I would like a cover.

Request details.

Story Name: It’s all a mirage
Character details:
Character 1: Body: Female Soft Body, neutral 02 Brows: Arched Natural, Strawberry Blonde Hair: Double Bun Half Down Hair, Strawberry Blonde Eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide, Blue Deep Face: Diamond Nose: Grecian Soft Lips: Full Round Pouty, Pink peach lt Gloss

Character 2: Body: Male Athletic Body, Neutral 04 Brow : Straight Angled, blackjet Hair: Medium Taper Wavy Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken, Green Emerald, Face: Male Generic Nose: Grecian Downturned Lips: Medium Heart, Beige Deep Neutral

Background: Any gradient background.

Vibe: Romantic

Hey, your art is beautiful!! I’d like to PM my request please :))

i really love your art style!

Of course<3
Could you please show me the position of your liking and the character(s) you would like me to draw?

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Thank you<3

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Your art style is literally the exact thing I’m looking for in my story! Here are the details for my request-



Kind of like the “Hot Mess” cover on episode if you’ve seen it

The background can be transparent but if that’s not possible a solid pink background is fine

Thank you. I haven’t seen “Hot Mess” yet but I’ll look it up. As for the background I can make it as pretty as I can.

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Hey, I love your style! Are you still available to make a cover for me?

Of course<3
Could you please show me the position of your liking and the character(s) you would like me to draw?

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This is absolutely incredible! Truly, im amazed.
I have a request for my episode, They Call Him Death.

Pose and Background

This would be the pose. The man would probably be smirking, and the girl would have a fairly serious face.

As for the background, don’t worry about it, just make it a transparent image and i can make the background myself :slight_smile:

The Guy

He looks like this (clothing included):

here is a close-up on his face if that helps:

The Girl

Thats her, full body, and this is a close up of her face:

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to view my request, I’d be thrilled if you accepted, but if not, thats alright! <3 Thanks for helping the episode community out with your amazing and free art, we really appreciate it. You can reach me at @tyranny.ep on Instagram if needed!

You will be credited every episode in the credits! Thank you :grin:

Of course<3

Can I dm you my request?

Of course <3

Thank you so much…please tell me if you need any more details :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You will also be credited after every chapter :innocent:

First Character~ MAY

Second Character~ Lucifer


This is the position that I want except please make them smile :blush:

Here is your art
Thank you <3