Gain points with characters

Hi! I would like to add an point system into my script. I have four characters that have a important role in my MC life. I want the readers to be able to gain and lose points whit each character because of their choices. Does anyone know how to script that? Two example whit stories that have this is Demi: path to fame and The infected. I would really appreciate the help, thank you.

Also, if we can figure this out. Does anyone know how you can let the readers view their scores at the end of each episode?

Check this thread: The Points System

If I do it like the first example, won’t just my MC gain general points? Or can I script it so they make points whit a certain character? For example: My MC has a conversation whit character 1 and 2. If they answer no to a question 1 said the MC will gain points whit 2 and if they answer yes they will gain points whit character 1. I hope I’m not to unclear, thank you for the link!

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