"Gain" problems with choices between episodes

I have a gain problem
My character freezes when it comes to remembering a choice
since i’d like to do a choice that will go on for a while, i decided to use gains…for a moment it worked, then the character suddenly freezed…i tried multiple times to refresh,but nothing happened. Can anyone help me please?:frowning_face: :heart:

it shall look like this

choice (something_here)
“the choice” {


if (something_here is “the choice”) {


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Don’t use _
Make the gain word without lines or spaces :heart:

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Thanks for the advice but i’d like to use the gain siystem , since it is for choices that may change the entire storyline. My story is based on choices that may effect the future, so in this case the “gain” system is more helpful, but thanks anyway!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

I’ve tried but nothing happened, the character is still freezing :disappointed_relieved::heart:
Thanks for the help anyway :blush:

After the elif, do you have else?

Because as you only have two options, you don’t need to use elif.

if (tell_the_truth) {

} else {


i also tried else, but compares a script error which it says if i forget to capitalize a name or i forget to put the word “choice” in all caps, in this case i used elif…:woman_shrugging:
There must be something that doesn’t compare, but i don’t know what…
Maybe near the “else” i don’t have to put the gain… is that right?

Have you tried it on your phone?

nope i have tried it by pc
I should give it a try perhaps?
Btw it worked but it only appears the second choice now!:disappointed_relieved:

Do you reset your flags every time you preview? Otherwise it will always do the first option.

If both are selected.

Oh yes i saw the flags and it appeared the gain, i clicked on it and it now appears the first one
I guess this worked! :blush:

I tested the story and it worked perfectly! Thank you very much and i wish you a good year! :heart::blush:

Glad to help. And you too, have a good year.

If/When you publish your story, let me know. I’d love to read it.

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Omg THANK YOU REALLY MUCH! My story is a thriller, i hope you’ll like it :blush:
You’re SO Sweet :heart_eyes:
The same goes to you!

@Jeremy you can close now! the problem is solved :sunglasses: thanks! :heart:

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