Gaining Choices With Extra Choices Afterwards

So, this is a chunk of the script in one of the episodes in my story. As u can see, I want them to have a gain when they choose any option. I also added an ARE YOU SURE on but if they click no, then they will have 2 gains and the ARE YOU SURE will also have to come at the end so when they finish the choice with someone, it says are you sure afterwards which means they would experience all three options.

ISABELLE (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
Thats really considerate of you, Dallas.

    DALLAS PATTERSON (talk_pointup_happy)
So, what do you say?

label sleep_choice

    ISABELLE (think_rubchin)

“Spend The Night With Dallas.” {

gain dallas_night

“Spend The Night With Richard.” {

gain richard_night

“Sleep Alone.” {

gain alone_night


Are you sure?

“Yes!” {

“No, let me choose again.” {

goto sleep_choice


You know what, let us face our destiny.


Anyway, its fine I’ve sorted it out. @Ryan can u close this pls thanks :slight_smile: