Gains, points & if, Élif, else issues? Getting mixed up?

So, I have at least 14 screenshots that captured my whole script. Taken from my mobile because I don’t have access to a computer at the moment. I wasn’t sure if posting all of those would be helpful or overwhelming. But I’m having a problem.
My first issue -
I’m using gains and if, elif, else to remember a choice. However, something is not syncing. The choices that were made in episode 3 were supposed to affect episode four by using gains, if, elif , else

Based on the decision my character made in the last episode - I want it to affect the Beginning scene. This means the readers will have two completely different starting scenes based on the separate decisions that they madey But all of the scenes keep on getting switched up. I’m not sure where I went wrong or what to do?

I only posted a couple of screenshots & highlighted the ones about the first issue in yellow

My second issue -

I’m also having an issue with the point system. I want to do a mini game using the points my characters of earned so far. However, it’s not working. The points are not aligning with the correct symbols <, >,= (taken from Dara-Amarie). I highlighted in pink.

This is what I was trying to do -

if you have exactly 3 points (GABI =3) you get a discount.
If you have more than four points (GABI <4) it’s free
And if you have less than three points (I had to put ‘else’) you have to pay full price.
But for some reason that keeps on getting mixed up as well.
I know this is a lot (and I have at least nine screenshots missing because I didn’t wanna post too many.) But I genuinely don’t know where I’m going wrong. I tried to delete sections of it to see if there is something I missing but I’m truly stumped. If posting all 14 of the screenshots should be more helpful I can do that.

( also, the error symbol that you see there is because I did one of the pregnancy movements. it’s not related to the coding)

I haven’t looked into the other things here very closely, but this right here should be GABI>4 (aka, GABI is greater than 4). But then the question is, what happens for those with 4 points exactly? Those people are excluded from your conditions set, so, really, it should probably be GABI>3, that way people with 4 or more points are included (and does not include those with 3).

Thank you! That helped. I didn’t realize I was getting it mixed up. However, now I have another problem :weary: I use flags to remember so after the dressing scene she can ‘pay for her stuff’ I did this so I don’t have to create the same dressing game 3 different times. However, they’re going to the wrong ones. Like, if because of your points your hair/makeup was free - after the dressing game you should go to the one that says “free” but instead they’re all going to the one that says “discount”

When you’re testing it, did you check your story modifiers, such as your flags and points? I don’t think anything in your code, when updated with what I sent above, should cause that issue. Try manually setting your points, resetting flags (click on any gold ones), then going through the scenes and checking to see if they work that way.

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