Gains won't work. Please, help!


Hello, everyone! I hope you are doing great! I wonder if anyone could be so kind to help me out.

I am writing my first story and I seem to have a problem with gains. In chapter 1 there is this choice:

choice "Come at 8 pm, you don’t want to cause trouble for this lady " {
readerMessage Mrs Brown really appreciates your actions.
@YOU +1
gain come_at_8_pm
Well, I guess I can take the risk, Brian Fox will hardly leave the office together with the lady.

} “Cancel Mrs Brown, your needs are more important than hers” {

readerMessage At least send Mrs Brown a notification that she no longer needs to come.
@YOU -1
gain cancel_mrs_brown


Nah, Mrs Brown will have to wait.

And then in Chapter 2 I am trying to refer back to the choice previously made. Here how it looks:

BRIAN (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
Oh, really. Look, dear, I don’t have time for these role-playing games.

if (come_at_8_pm) {
BRIAN (talk_apathetic)
It is 8 pm already, ok?
BRIAN (talk_apathetic)
I know perfectly well who you are.
BRIAN (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
So stop this silly acting and let’s get down to business.

} elif (cancel_mrs_brown) {
BRIAN (talk_apathetic)
Look, whatever your name is. You were obviously sent instead of Mrs Brown.
So stop this silly acting and let’s get down to business.

I tried changing elif to else but nothing helped. I tested the choice both in preview and on the phone. The program plays the first option only and never gets to the second one even though in chapter 1 I chose to cancel Mrs Brown’s appointment.

Could anyone, please, advise me on that? I will highly appreciate any help.

Thank you very much in advance!


Did you reset your story progress before the testing? Test it on the phone.

And I would still use else instead of elif


It worked, thank you so much!

I updated the script instead of resetting the story progress, that’s why it didn’t work properly!

Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!


Cheers for the reply @Apes! Closing thread :v:t2: