Galactic Art Shop (FULL) (7/7)

  1. What are you able to do?
    Splashes, outfits, moodboards, characters, banners

  2. Examples?
    I have all my examples here:
    💜 Enigma Art Shop 💜 *OPEN*

  3. Drawn, edited or both?

  4. Ink, LL, or both?

  5. How many requests at a time?
    Around 5

  6. Pet Peeves?
    Rude people and people who don’t write everything in their request (like they ask if we’re open and then they say they want a cover and then they say the title and then they say the character details, all in separate replies)

  7. How to credit/contact you?
    @ _superpup.episode _ on Instagram (without the spaces)

  8. Are you going to be respectful?
    Of course! :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

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