(GAME) A Song for A Scene

How to : Post a short description of a scene and the person below chooses a song to go with it then describes a scene of their own for the next person and so on.


Person A:
Two people fighting in the street in slow motion.

Person B:
Time of My Life - Dirty Dancing
A couple, covered in blood, kisses in the rain.

Person C:
You’re My Best Friend - Queen
A child lays in the middle of the floor of an empty house.

Lets start with A child lays in the middle of the floor of an empty house.

Akon- lonely

A girl eating cereal while dancing in her pujamas

Take on Me - Aha

A nun with a gun walks through an empty street at night.

I Don’t Fuck with You Big Sean :joy:

A person jumps off a building


That 70s song by cheap trick
A person hallusainating a bunny wearing a bow tie

Suit and tie Justin Timberlake

A cat doing karate

Bad- Michael Jackson
A couple who just followed a snail into a sewer

Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran

An old woman slowly eats pudding in front of a TV that isn’t on.

Slow motion by Sara gurpal
A person who spent hours on a drawing the spilt ink on it

Float On - Modest Mouse

A 12 year old boy is speeding down a highway with a cigarette in his mouth and a bag full of cash in the back seat of a beat up car.

Shut up and drive - Rihanna

A girl screams in the woods, unheard. Her body is covered in bruises and her face is scratched up.

Hey Ho - Gin Wigmore

Two old men play chess in a park, one has terminal brain cancer the other is the grim reaper.

Battle Cry- Claire Guresso

A boy and a girl are holding hands on the edge of cliff, looking at a beautiful galaxy landscape

Say you won’t let go

A person laying next to their dog passing away :sob:


A girl is running. Air horns blast the announcer’s voice around her. People are cheering and booing.

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Rise by Katy Perry lol

A newbie astronaut looking at the Earth from the spaceship for the first time in his life.

Any Pink Floyd song

A boy is singing, his voice melodic. He closes his eyes, his synesthesia illuminating the darkness

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Sing me to sleep - (I forgot)

A tree is falling down. One girl wants to save it…

How to save a life- The Fray

A cat jumps to a table, but slips and falls

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You Fucked up - Ween

After getting to the top of the roller coaster and u prob about to die