|GAME| 📺 Anime Rating!


Hey guys! I made this game out of fun, and if someone already made a forum game like this, then feel free to tell me! It’s my first forum game. So the game starts like this:

@yurionice: NARUTO!
@MASHEDPOTATOES: 8? AOT (Attack On Titan)
@cloroxbleach: Eh, 2. Diabolik Lovers?
@inmymind: Unwatched. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

…And so on.
I’ll go first. Hope you guys have fun and maybe have new animes to binge-watch!

Yuri!!! On Ice (Yes, the fandom is not dead… At least I’m not.)


8.5 Pokemon


Sword Art Online


No game no life?


Dragon Ball


@RastaUnicorn if you haven’t watched it please say ‘unwatched’ :blush: Unwatched :frowning: I’m sorry.
Assassination Classroom?


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun


Unwatched Hellsing


1, kinda creepy :persevere:
Black Butler


idk any anime. :slight_smile: lolol i dont actually like it, only the art


Unwatched Inuyasha


Uh… okay, but you didn’t rate it or give an anime to watch, so if you will not do that, please delete it, sorry, it’s just to not clog up the thread :persevere:


:slightly_frowning_face:Unwatched​:slightly_frowning_face: My Hero Academia


10 :smile: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure



One piece?


Tokyo Ghoul


8 and 1/2



I only watch a few scenes, so I’ll give it a 5

Ao no Exorcist?