GAME: answer with YES and NO

Have you ever slept naked


Have you ever been camping without your family members?

also, welcome to the community

no-never even camped Do you like cupcakes

Yes is that even a question tho

Have you ever written and published an Episode story?

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Yes but with others aka @ChrissyG @TalesByMim and @Alexthebeast and people who quit

Do you like to paint?



Have you ever lied

of course-who hasn’t
Have you visited any other country besides yours?

Nope :pensive:

Have you ever wanted to fly away to an imaginary world? :sweat_smile:

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Would you like to be famous?


Would you go with your celebrity crush

no-i dont have a celebrity crush
Would you like to have the power to poop money?


Would you want to cry diamonds

Ow no but if it doesn’t hurt it’d be cool to make a quick buck off them :smirk:

Do you consider yourself an extrovert?

Sorry, I’m not good at English. What does that even mean?

ahaa like an outgoing, very talkative, loud and social person; the opposite of a shy and quiet person

No :joy:

Do you want pizza?

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Do you want to be a zillionaire

Do you want COVID to go away?

YES 100% It sucks and makes people miserable and we’ve lost so many people because of it

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That’s very very true! I hate wearing mask every where I go, mostly in public, but is SUCKS :sob:

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