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I’m creating another mini game I due to how long they can take to code I want your advice on how it should work…

The goal is to get the yellow block to the exit on the right, the other blocks need to be moved in order to make the path, you are unable to move a block if another blocks it’s path.

My question is this

How should the reader control the direction of the blocks?

  1. Using arrows to allow the reader to move the block one square at a time in the direction they desire.
  2. Tapping on the block allowing it to move 1 square at a time but in one direction only eg tapping the light blue block will move one square at a time until it reaches the right side of the grid before traveling backwards (left)
  • Suggestion 1- arrow controls
  • Suggestion 2- tapping in one direction
  • Suggestion 3- other (please suggest)

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@Sydney_H I posted this in the wrong topic could you please move it for me

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Dude, my brain :exploding_head:
This obviously would depend on the solution, but rather than tapping the block moving one space, to save your sanity, could tapping the block auto-move it to as far in the other directing as possible? Like if you tap the dark blue one in your example, it moves all the way up because that’s as far as it can go. Then if you tapped the yellow one, it would stop when it hits the red one?

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As far as I know there is only one salutation and I really like that idea as it would work and save me a load of coding :slight_smile:

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Just think of your mental health while coding this! :pleading_face:

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Ha ha ha thank you, we just gone on partial lock down in the UK so I need do something to keep me sain

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Moved to Share Feedback by OP request. :smiley:

Doesn’t look like that’s possible :frowning: the coding relies on using if, else and the points system and unfortunately I’d need 2 conditions to make the same move but unfortunately don’t think we can do that for example lets say the dark blue block was at the too of the screen. In order for it to go to the bottom it would need the following,

If (column4-6 =0) {
Blueblock shifts to (shift number)

But this also depends on where the blue block is and weather I need it to travel up or down so I would also need to add points to the blue block to give it instructions in which way to travel. So example

if (Blueblock =0) {
@overlay blueblock shifts to (shift number up)
Else {
Blueblock (shift number down)

But the conditions for the travel direction and the column conditions (if anything is blocking it) would need to go together.

I don’t even know if this would work using the other methods either :thinking:

But a massive thank you :blush: it’s always nice to have suggestions xx

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Ahhhh ok, abort abort!
I vote for arrows now :sweat_smile:

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So I’ve managed to finish it :smiley: would you mind doing a test run for me I’ve added it to the other minigame episode
the mini game is called “Blocked in”

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Of course :slight_smile:

So… I have an android phone and after that update, I can’t beta any stories :pleading_face: I’m sorry wait for meeeeeeeeeeee

Oh no that sucks :frowning:

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