GAME : Favorites! 😍


Favorite John Grisham book?

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I’ve never read any of them I’m sorry :sob:

Favorite cereal?

Cascadian or whatever. The healthy stuff lol

Favorite yogurt flavor?

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Lol :joy:

I hate yogurt, but if I had to, Orange Creamiscle☺

Continuing from where we left off –

Favorite Christmas Carol?

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Omg I didn’t know I put nothing… So sorry :sweat_smile:

I like so many but for now, maybe Jingle Bells or some thing…

Favorite pet?

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Favorite Actor?

Jennifer Aniston
Favourite book?

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The Hate U Give

Fav movie?

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Divergent & Crazy Rich Asians

Favorite song?

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I Can’t Get Enough by Selena Gomez

Favorite News Channel?

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don’t watch news. Do you?
Favorite model company. (I want to be a model when I grow up so you get what I mean)

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Target? :sweat_smile:
Favorite bug?

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I don’t have one: :rofl:
Favorite actor?

Christian Bale.

Favorite Pet?

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Don’t have one.
Favorite model>

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Dont really have one unless Shawn Mendes counts.

Favourite card game?


Go Fish!

Favorite sea creature?


Favourite year for songs?


Favorite Skittles Flavor?