GAME: Good, Bad Worse


Hi! If you were on the old forums you may remember this game that I posted before they closed the old forum.

The game is self-explanatory, here is an example.
Bunnylover984: Good: you got a new phone!
Episodelover: Bad: it’s broken
Lovergem: Worse: you traded your old phone for it, and you can’t even use the new phone

Then, the next person will start again and say something for good. The example will repeat itself. I’ll start:

Good: your episode story got a million reads!


Bad: All your readers hate it and are making fun of it!


worse: they have made an angry thread about it :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Good: your crush likes you back


Bad: they are slowly becoming obsessed


Worse: They’ve broken into your house to hang out with you


Good: You got all A’s on your report card!


Bad: Lost all of your friends because you studied too much.


Worse: Your friends were the ones that motivated you to study more, so without them you returned to a C- average the next term.


Good: You got the gift you wished for your birthday. :gift:


Bad: You lost it the next day


Worse: The person who gave it to you won’t talk to you because you lost their gift.


Good: You just won an infinite amount of tickets to any movie, anywhere in the world!


Bad: you have to sit next to a guy that keeps talking


Worse: He claims to be your boyfriend and won’t leave your side


Good: You just invented a time machine! And it works!


Bad; You spilled your skinny latte all over it and now your stuck in the 12th century


Worse: Every one hates you and you’re pronounced guilty and executed for stealing bread.


Good: Your boyfriend just proposed


Bad: He is not your actual boyfriend. It’s just the guy from movie theater, who keeps talking.