GAME: Guess the Username! (with only emojis)

Welcome, to one of my forums that nobody reads

So today we will be getting emotional, and will be going back into our childhood. We are playing… (?)

Okayy, so I have done an “emojis” game thing before but that was the past let’s move onto the present, i mean actually we are gonna go back in time for childhood usernames… but yeah lets continue.

Basically, you will comment down emojis only 2-3 which best describes one of your childhood usernames, if you really don’t remember a childhood username just do a username that you have had in the past. Then (hopefully) people will try and guess, if all guessers give up you tell them and someone else can restart the process. I hope you understand I mean if you don’t it’s pretty simple? So just re-read the rules.

As Usual

I will start: (My username is kind of stupid but okay, I was 5 and my cousins has to make something i’d remember)

:large_blue_circle: :ocean::six:

HINT: It’s not ocean, but it’s something to do with a body of water]



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blue waves


Its… Blueriver6 :mask::joy:

That’s a cool username :sunflower:

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Don’t lie :joy:

Nah, it is cool OK, be proud of it :sunglasses:

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Lmao, i’m replying really quick because i’m just replying to everyone quickly so I could make my forum :joy:

But I mean I was 5 years old and um yeahh? It was my username on … cries club penguin… (if you don’t know what that is this must be awkward but if you doo :wink: cries)

5 years old you came up with that? WOW, THAT IS IMPRESSIVE! :heart_eyes:

And yeah, I’ve heard of Club Penguin :wink:

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I didn’t… I was so stupid when I was little, but lemme tell you the story lmao

*Basically, my cousins (4 of them) and my 2 sisters, but only my oldest sister was helping so make it 1 sister. But yeah, they all had an account of club penguin and I always played on one of their accounts, and obviously they wanted to play too so obviously they decided to make me an account, um so they thought of blueriver6, something I needed to remember, and i’ll expose myself here… MY password was teddybears1 and I always forgot my password. But yeah that’s my story, I miss club penguin ;(

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Hi, so one of my usernames for AJ was:


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