Game: let's meet you

----this is the first time I’m ever creating a topic, so I hope that people will eventually see this.

:blob_hearts: LET’S MEET YOU :blob_hearts:

I’m trying to make friends so the game is pretty simple. I’ll start by asking a question and the next person would answer my question and then drop a question for the next person to reply to, and the game goes on and on like that.

:blob_hearts: EASY RULES :blob_hearts:

  • The question asked should give you simple information about the person. Questions like “How many bones does a human have?” are not fun. Better questions would be, “What’s your favorite color and why?”, “Do you prefer Audiobooks, E-books or Paperback books?”, etc.

  • Asking questions that require overly personal details / giving overly personal details like address, phone number, etc is not allowed.

  • No dehumanizing comments.

  • Feel free to skip a question if you don’t feel comfortable answering it.

  • No questions about politics, religion or controversial topics that might lead to debates.

  • You can make a comment on the previous reply before answering and asking a question of your own.

  • You can reply as many times as you want. We’re all getting to know each other!


My question for you, the first person is :
:butterfly: What is your worst color and why? :butterfly:


Red’s always been my least favorite :sweat_smile: I might have some sort of unresolved conflict with the fact I have no red clothing that looks good on me or that I see it too often but I wish I liked it more. :sob:

My question for you is:
Do you prefer reading or writing, And why?

This game sounds so fun :star_struck:


I so much hate red too, but it’s definitely not my worst.

My answer : That’s a tough one. Um, I think I prefer writing because I can write what I want to read (though it’s less fun cause I’ll know what’s gonna happen lol) but reading…well, I’ve been having severe readers block because I seriously CANNOT read a book without doing some kind of comparison that results to me feeling inferior about my own work that I never even plan to publish! So yeah, definitely writing.

:butterfly: What’s your worst ever experience with the episode app or an episode book? :butterfly:

Hi there! I’d love to hop on the hating-red-train, but it’s really one of my favorite colors lol.
I guess it just reminds me of roses and poppies, which are a few of my favorite flowers.
My answer: I cannot and will not say the name of said story, however, I was once a story reviewer on Instagram and one time I happened to review what I think is to this day the worst Episode story I’ve ever read. No exaggeration.

:butterfly: What’s the best interaction you’ve ever had on the Forums?


My answer: Hmmm… Honestly, I don’t really know. I love & enjoy every moment of it! (Although, truth to be told, they have been and times where things have been upsetting, but I always focus on positive) Maybe it was when I created the topic of “Let’s all wish Merry Christmas!” because I had the chance to exchange wishes with everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It was one of the most wonderful & warmest moments I ever had here. I’m so glad when I made the decision to join the Forums because I have met amazing people, and each one of them is special.
My question: What’s your favourite season & why?


I love Fall :maple_leaf:
Leaves changing colors is so beautiful, and it reminds me of how short life is. Makes me appreciate everything more.

If you had to choose one, would you rather be a witch/wizard, a vampire or a werewolf, and why?


As cool as the other three are I’d have to choose, Wizard. I could make my dogs live forever happy lives cause god knows their cuteness is and should be eternal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My question for you is:
What’s your favorite band/artist?


omg i have so many favorites i cant pick just 1, but i love taylor swift, lana del rey, and fiona apple!!

what’s your favorite memory with animals?

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My answer : I do not fancy animals. This one I won’t say is my favorite but I would say my most memorable. When I was younger this dog from like two houses away chased me home (thank God the gate to my house was opened).

:butterfly: Do you play any instruments? :butterfly:


I play the piano and guitar. I wish I could still play the flute, but I abandoned it years ago.

What helps you de-stress at the end of a long day?


(i play piano too!!)

listening to music and laying down helps a lot for me personally … by just doing that i don’t have anything i need to really worry about i can just relax

what’s your favorite movie and why?

I definitely have many favorites in a few genre’s… but I’d say the movie that has made me laugh and cry everytime is a bollywood movie called k3g. It’s for sure in my top 5.

what’s your favorite episode story and why?

I have so many :sweat_smile: but if I had to choose it’d probably be Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee, The comedy is top tier and I love the characters so much, I could go on forever about how great of a story it is.

My Question For You Is:
What’s your favorite game/story genre(s)?

My favorites games? Hmm. I have some many but one I really like is Five Second Rule. Have you ever heard of that game? But anyway, as far as my favorite story genres go, I have so many, but I do like romance stories on Episode a lot, that is if they’re friends to lovers.

My question for you is:

What trope do you wish could be used in Episode more?

My answer: I really love the friends-to-lovers trope in the sense that the love interest is a new guy in the MC’s life who is genuinely nice. I will never NOT stan golden boys :face_holding_back_tears:. All episode bad boys can rest because real winners are the golden guys!

:butterfly: What cliché do you hate the most in episode stories and what would you rather have it be? :butterfly:

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I hate enemies to lovers stories and all you see in them are the MC and the LI constantly arguing with each other and the LI often treats the MC like dirt. Like you, I like friends to lovers stories so much better, and that’s how a romance story should be?

My question for you is:

What are your favorite hairstyles for Episode characters?

My answer
I absolutely love Slicked Back Side Shaved Tousled in dark brown color. Even when I’m writing I end up giving half the characters that hairstyles (which is not a very good thing because of diversity lol).

My question
Who is your favourite episode writer ?

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I have a lot that I want to mention, but here are among the top: Vienna Hale , Ji and Jasmine Lilac.

If you’re currently writing, what inspires you to write?
If you’re reading, what do you cherish the most in a story?

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Well, I typically plan my stories before I write them and I basically get inspired before I start planning a story. Basically, ideas pop in my head and that’s how I get inspired to write.

What I cherish most in a story is if it’s a good story and if the story is captivating and has direction.

My question for you is:

Are you a planner or a pantser for your stories?

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a weird mix of both , :sweat_smile:
ill have the main plot planned, but nothing detailed except for when i get to writing dialogue, ill always add a bunch of plot stuff last minute if that makes sense ?? it kinda comes together more along the way

if you read books/novels, what is your favorite(s) and why?