GAME:Make a story

How this game work is I’m gonna say a sentence and I need y’all to continue the story.I’ll start…

•Srara walked in the room and she saw a-


A person in a really creepy clown mask.

She froze and-


Could feel her body go cold with fear.

With trepidation she -


Slowly backed away, the masked person took a taunting step forward for every step she took.

They laughed as-


She realised that it was her boyfriend
But, there was something-


not quite right.
glancing over to the window, her heart raced as she saw-

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Her boyfriend was dead
But suprisingly she didn’t care because-

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The man in front of her was more alluring.

She gave a sly grin.

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But she was really confused , did this man kill her boyfriend, what was he doing in her room.

Her thoughts were disturbed by a loud scream of her…

Younger brother in the next room. Srara tensed with fear. After her parents died in a fire, she had been the one to take care of the two of them.

“Aaaaahh! What the hell! Who are you?” She heard him yell.

She ignored the mysteruous man and ran into her brother’s room only to see-

That no one was there anymore, her brother was gone, kidnapped. Fear was all she could feel
“Well you got no one to save you now, do you?” said a voice from behind her. It was the mysterious man.
Suddenly everything went black…

Hours later she woke up to darkness. There was a bag over her head.

“Help!” She yelled.

All she got in response was a harsh laugh.

A monster walked out, but this monster was a handsom-

Boy. The same man from before. Yet he gave the aura of a monster.

“Good to see you up and running”

“Wh-who are you?” she stuttered while she took in the beauty of him.
“I guess you could say I’m a monter of some sort,” he laughed.

“What do you want from me?!” Shs screeched.

“Nothing much.” He said as he stroked the knife he heald in his hand.

Srara looked at the knife she hadnt seen earlier. She squirmed. “W-what are you planning to do…?” He glanced at her from over his knife.

“Nothing much.” He grinned slyly.

He walked toward her the knife pointed outward. He gripped the knife better before he slowly and painfully drug the sharp blade down her arm. She screamed in pain while the grin stayed fixed on his face.

He rolled his eyes. “So loud,” he scoffed. He brought his lips to hers in an attempt to shut her up. He succeeded because she was quiet from shock.

“You…you’re a phsyco…YOU’RE A PHSYCO!!” She yelled as she thrashed her head.

He laughed as he placed the flat end of the blade against her cheek. She froze. “I’m not a phsyco, I’m just doing what you asked.” He mumbled as he slid the blade to her chin and lifted it so she had to look at him.

“What…I asked…?” She asked slowly.

“I asked for this? I would never ask for this!” She screamed.

“On the contrary to what you believe, sweetheart, when I did this to you’re brother you asked to be tortured instead. I agreed, but it is sad I’ll have to ruin such a pretty young girl,” he explained.

She screamed as he continued his torture and he continued to bark and scold her.

‘I don’t remember my brother getting tortured…’ she thought to herself as the man had left her by herself in that cold damp room. She flinched as her wounds stung slightly on her arms.

“Where are you Nathaniel.” She whispered.

Not too far away…

“Damn it!” Nathaniel said as he slammed an open palm against the steering wheel. “Where did that bastard take her?”