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Hello! I just started creating a game menu for my new story but I’m having a few issues with it. So, I watched @Dara.Amarie video on how to create one as well as @JosephEvans video on tappable overlays and I am still confused on what I’m doing wrong. The problems are that when I try to tap on the buttons it doesn’t work for any of them and my speech bubbles are popping up and I can’t seem to get rid of them. Someone please help me😭. (Here’s my script)


@overlay START create from BLACK BUTTON AND overlay START shifts to 96 422 in zone 1 AND overlay START scales to 0.406 0.406
@overlay CUSTOMIZE create from BLACK BUTTON AND overlay CUSTOMIZE shifts to 67 217 in zone 1 AND overlay CUSTOMIZE scales to 0.568 0.568
@overlay SKIP create from BLACK BUTTON AND overlay SKIP shifts to 71 28 in zone 1 AND overlay SKIP scales to 0.406 0.406


goto START


goto SKIP

label START


label SKIP

Do none of buttons work?

You can always use this guide for tappable overlays:

Yea. None of them are working.

Are they stacked on top of one another? Can I see a picture of your script?

Maybe try previewing it from your phone :cherry_blossom:

What is the size of your overlays? Like that each overlay reaches? One overlay may be covering another one.

I don’t get what you mean. I used the spot director to position them.

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I’m pretty sure she scaled it properly as it’s written in the code :cherry_blossom:

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That’s not what I mean. I mean the area the overlay covers.

For example:

Even the area that is transparent counts.

It’s a bit hard to explain what I mean.

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Oh ok…I think she should preview it from her phone, maybe that would help :cherry_blossom:

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Yeah, maybe.

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Oh yea I think that’s the problem because it says they are all the same size. But how do I fix that, because I changed it but it went back to the original.

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You will have to crop it.

Do you mean like crop my actual overlays or like crop it in the spot directing?

Crop the actual overlays I mean.

@Danielle318 @Sophia.Epi So I resized the overlays and in my catalog it says they are resized so I redid the whole thing in my script and it is still giving me the same problems.

If those are your overlays and names, why are you using the “create from BLACK BUTTON” command? Why aren’t you using those overlays?

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I have a black button overlay too you just can’t see it in the picture.

Using “create from BLACK BUTTON”, you are creating 3 different black button overlays instead of your customize, skip, and start overlays

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