Game Menu Error. Please Help!

Hi there! I’m trying to make a game menu and I keep receiving this error: “Your label may not contain a space.” @K.Logan, is it possible if you could take a look?


you need a underline between Silver and button.

The best I can think on giving you a tip is thinking of it like a user name.
Google: Usernames typically don’t contain spaces, so allowing users to type in an invalid input and silently removing the space is overly presumptuous for the UX. It’s better to detect the interstitial space and inform the user (e.g. Usernames can’t contain spaces ) so they can check the username again.

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Oh okay. So how ahould I rewrite the labels then?

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SILVER_BUTTON_# ← You’re number

simple as that, no spaces because it thinks it’s the next command
you can write it however you want it just have a space~


Oh okay! Thank you so much!

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