Game menu help ! please

Can someone check if my game menu has any mistakes or errors

What error is it saying?

I’m thinking it’s this part (if there is an issue). See how the quotes aren’t red? That usually happens. Just replace the quotes and it should fix the issue(?) you have.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 154658


The specific line would help too I think. I also found a mistake(?) here


goto should be together so you get that italicised effect you have with the other ones below.


What’s not working in the menu for you specifically? That would help :blush:

I see that you use go to QandA which isn’t actually a label you created, the label you created is Q/A so that could be it. Use Q/A over QandA because the and could confuse the system

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let me check out both of yours

its said / cant be used in a label

Yeah so you should just change the label to QandA. You made all the goto’s QandA so just change the label and it should be fine

Use QA then, just because the and may confuse the system and cause another error

I don’t think it will and I assume she’s using Dara’s Q&A template which uses the label QandA

Oh it does, I didn’t know that that’s cool. I’ve seen lots of posts on the forums with errors because they use and in labels, overlays, and character names. But I mean if Dara says it works I trust her :grin:

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Screenshot 2024-04-02 155959

6201 bracket should be } not { and then it will be fine!

Thank you all it works now