So here we shall list the people you miss. Weather here on forums or real life! Weather they are here or gone to a better place.

I’ll start!

I miss
On forums:

Real life:
I miss my best friend Mary Anne Downs!
Both my grandpas Pa Cyril and PaPa
And some other friends that I just lost contact with


i miss my bff. her dad got a job in cali so they had to move :confused:


That’s rough. Sorry to hear that.


yea :slight_smile: i miss her a lot


Do y’all still talk?


yup but her parents are strict


That sucks… well hopefully soon y’all can talk more.


Awww @ChayChay I miss you too


I miss
@Xoxobear :sob: and the cake fight :sob:
@thechoicetwisted and the cricket and samy same talk :sob:
@Iffy it’s long time :sob: 3 idiots
@danna girl…:sob: Pasta

And real life
My best friend… Yashika :sob: she shifted her school :sob:


Pm me anytime…


i sure will


… I miss @v.episode cuz man I remember playing forum games for like 5 hours LOL
I miss @Drama_Queer cuz she is my wife and I miss talking to ya GURLLL


On the forums, I miss @Aohebe_S. :frowning:

In real life, I miss all my friends that I left behind when I moved.


Moving sucks… sorry you had to go through that…


I miss my nana who is no longer with us… :pensive:


I have a lot of people no longer here that I miss so I get that… I’m always here if ya need to talk.


Thank you means a lot!


I’m still here. : )




GURLLLLL LL I Misssedddd yaaaaaaa!